2023 Academic Calendar

Winter Semester – (Jan 16th – March 19th) 

Spring Semester – (March 27th – May – 27th)

Summer Semester – (June 5th – July 30th) 

Fall Semester – (Aug 14th – October 15th) 


beginner/intermediate rock band program

We are excited to offer a rock band program for beginner/intermediate musicians! No experience required, or necessary! We have all the equipment here ready for your kiddo to come learn how to rock out in a band!

If your child is showing interest in the drums, guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, singing, or even playing the kazoo, this group program will give them a hands on experience on how to play. And there’s no better way to learn than in a rock band with friends!

This group program is also perfect for the intermediate level player, helping them along their individual path but harnessing their skills in a full band. We will help them get to that next level!

There will also be a celebration performance at the end of each semester, to give these kids the chance to live out their rockstar dreams!

So sign-up and come ROCK N’ ROLL with us!

Only $200 per semester! 

There is also an additional (optional) commemorative t-shirt fee. All instruments can be provided if needed and a performance celebration will be scheduled at the end of each semester. Register below and we will contact you with more details and payment options.

Shep Sheppard
Shep Sheppard
Shep Sheppard
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    Only $200 per semester! All instruments can be provided and a celebration performance will be scheduled at the end of the program. We will contact you with payment options once you register.
    ($200 per semester)
    Have you already decided on your instrument of focus and feel ready to take it to the next level? We will be happy to put you in a group where the challenge will be cranked up a few notches, in order to help you further your growth as a musician.