BGRBA Adult Rock Band Program

Get ready to rock with the big kids!

BGRBA – Adult Rock Band Program

A group learning experience for the 21+ crowd

Our adult groups meet when they want to!

Like our other Rock Band programs, this is a group learning experience, but strictly for the adults. Each band will meet once a week for an hour – with an experienced musician/instructor present to help guide your group along. We can accommodate the rehearsal space on any day of the week and as soon as all registered band members are in place, we will solidify the group’s day and time to meet.

Instruments, amps, and everything you need are provided, but feel free to bring your own gear if you have something you prefer to play!

Our goal is to learn and play a selection of songs together to be stage ready. We will each learn our parts, practice playing together while listening to each other, and emphasize the fundamentals of group playing. This will allow you to take your developing skills to the next level and help gauge what you are capable of on your instrument. There’s no better way to learn than in real time while jamming in a musical setting.

Performance opportunities will be available as soon as the band feels ready to rock! We are looking forward to working with you!

This learning experience is based on a monthly tuition – $100 monthly – and you are welcome to rock for as long as you’d like!



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it starts with the right environment

It’s more than rock n roll. And we like it!