Got some guitar skills but you’re tired of jammin’ alone? Come to us. Bashin’ those drums but got no bassist? Hello and welcome! Playin’ sax in the school band but really want to ROCK? Let’s do this.

rock band semesters

     We want you! We want to turn your individual hard work into a team effort and shared success. We’ll match you with other players of similar experience to comprise a full band. You’ll learn what it’s like to communicate on stage (head nods and cool poses). After some hard work, you’ll get to shine and show off while sharing the stage with equally shiny and showy musicians.

     Each semester is typically 9 weeks long, one rehearsal a week, and culminate in a LIVE performance! And, um, there will be a naming of the BAND. Which is perhaps the most important part…

     On Performance Day, you’ll learn the INs and OUTS of a real gig – loading in your gear, knowing the set list, sound check, placing your mic where you want it, etc etc. You’ll do all the things to make sure that the show goes on, and that you’re off in time for the next band, unless you’re the closer! You might even have to sign an autograph or two, just saying. Come have fun AND get closer to the music.

                 2023 Academic Calendar

Winter Semester – (Jan 16th – March 19th) 

Spring Semester – (March 27th – May – 27th)

Summer Semester – (June 5th – July 30th) 

Fall Semester – (Aug 14th – October 15th) 

Fill out the forms below and be on your way to the rock and roll hall of fame!

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 20.
    The band will meet one day a week. Weekday rehearsals are typically 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday rehearsals are 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.
    If you have any riffs, chord progressions, grooves, lyrics, or any other musical creations - we'd love to help your ideas firm up to become a real song!
  • The BGRBA Paisley Band Honors Program is an advanced ensemble that requires high ratings for entry and consistently reaches for difficult material and performs it with a degree of excellence. It will require an audition to participate in the Paisley Band, as this level of commitment definitely isn’t for everyone. Auditions will be open to all participants of the BGRBA Rock Band Program and will be available and scheduled upon request. If the student wants to take on the daunting task of being in this band as well as another of our bands and subsequently passes the audition, there will be no additional charge for being in two bands that semester. The Paisley Band will perform difficult material and will do so with relish and excellence. They will therefore need to be amongst our most dedicated of students. This band will be called upon to practice as much as is necessary to learn challenging parts of up to three large scope songs, and then to perform them at a level that can inspire all of our students to want to do their best work. It aims to showcase what is possible with hard work and dedication to music.
  • This is either a ($150) deposit to hold your spot, or payment for the entire semester ($325) - The remaining balance will be required before the first class starts for the semester.

it starts with the right environment

It’s more than rock n roll. And we like it!