BGRBA Intermediate Rock Band Program

Get ready to rock with the big kids!

Guitarist playing a red guitar
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BGRBA – Intermediate Rock Band Program

Take it to the next level!

Already discovered which instrument peaks your interest and resonates with you? Then you may be ready for our intermediate rock band program! This program is geared towards those young musicians who have found their instrument of choice and want to develop their skills in a group setting. It is recommended that each musician in this group has participated in at least one beginner rock band semesters and/or is taking private lessons.

Each group will learn at least TWO full songs throughout the semester – which will be celebrated at our end-of-the-semester showcase.
We believe learning how to play an instrument is rewarding, but there’s no better way to learn than in a rock band with friends!
So sign-up and come ROCK N’ ROLL with us!

Only $325 per semester!

There is also an additional (optional) commemorative t-shirt fee. All instruments can be provided if needed and a performance celebration will be scheduled at the end of each semester. Register below and we will contact you with more details and payment options.

2023 Academic Calendar

Winter Semester – (Jan 16th – March 19th) 

Spring Semester – (March 27th – May – 27th)

Summer Semester – (June 5th – July 30th) 

Fall Semester – (Aug 14th – October 15th) 



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    Only $325 per semester! All instruments can be provided and a celebration performance will be scheduled at the end of the program. We will contact you with payment options once you register.
    ($325 per semester)
    Have you already decided on your instrument of focus and feel ready to take it to the next level? We will be happy to put you in a group where the challenge will be cranked up a few notches, in order to help you further your growth as a musician.

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It’s more than rock n roll. And we like it!