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Do you feel uncomfortable changing guitar strings? Do you find yourself unsure of how to go about cleaning, oiling, and maintaining your fretboard? If so, consider participating in a BGRBA Basic Guitar Maintenance Clinic, where an experienced guitar instructor can teach you the fundamentals of taking care of your guitar.

This course comes in three varieties: electric steel string, acoustic steel string, and nylon. Plus, the price of your ticket includes a free set of strings!

You will learn how to properly change strings, oil your fretboard, and clean pesky gunk off of your frets which can build up over time and inhibit your playing. These are helpful and necessary skills which all guitar players should learn!

If you want to feel confident maintaining your guitar, this is a great way to get started! Show your guitar some love and keep it happy and healthy! Tickets are $20, and each class has a limit of five students, so make sure to sign up fast!


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