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Do you have a hard time understanding music theory? Is it difficult for you to speak the language of music or to understand certain terminology? Curious how melodies and harmonies are written, or how solos can be improvised and still sound great? We are thrilled to announce that Jordan Weiss will be offering two courses this July designed specifically to help you with understanding these things and more!

Intro to music theory – This four part course will meet on Thursdays in July from 4:30-5pm. We will cover the basic concepts and terms of music theory so you can understand what your instructor or bandleader says and be ready to study music on a deeper level forever after.

Intermediate music theory – This four part course will meet the first four Tuesdays in July (7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23) from 4-5pm. Here we will discuss what defines melodies and harmonies and how they’re connected, understanding chord progressions, the mystery of improvisation, and more.

Intro to music theory – $50 for the month long course.
Intermediate music theory – $75 for the month long course.



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