A Reason to Record!

April 17th“A Reason to Record” – Two Sessions – Learn the basics of production and recording, and get hands on experience making a song with your BGRBA classmates! There are no virtual tickets for this workshop. Your spot can be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. You can do this through the BGRBA or by texting/calling 270-223-5029.

May 1st – “Rock & Riff & Roll with Ben WellsCome hang with one of our local music scene’s greatest guitar players, Ben Wells from Black Stone Cherry!

May 8th – “Guitar Tech Tips and Tricks Part II: Setting Up Your Guitar” Guitar Tech/Luthier Clinic with Black Stone Cherry’s touring bass tech Josh Landreth

All clinics will be held at The BGRBA, limit of 10 in-person tickets per clinic, and unlimited Zoom/virtual tickets. $20 in person, $10 virtual. All clinics should start at 2 pm on their scheduled Saturday afternoons.

Clinics held at BGRBA, limit 10 in person tickets per clinic, and unlimited Zoom/virtual tickets. $20 in person, $10 virtual.

Ready to lay down some tracks!?

I’m Nate, and you mayyyy have seen me at one of the BGRBA shows running around with a camera, and helping the world know how much our local music scene kicks a**.

Now, I want to help out in another way! It’s high time that you rockers learned some of the ins and outs of production! This is why I’ve put together “A Reason to Record”.

In this workshop, we will go over the basic equipment I use to produce music (and other audio), the software I use (and how it is used), and we will also record and put together a song with audio produced from the class!

Attendees are encouraged to bring their instruments (or their singing voices!), and be ready to learn, have fun, and make something cool.

All attendees must be masked up (properly!) as we are still amidst a pandemic, yall!

There is a limit to 10 attendees for this workshop, which will run 90-120 minutes on April 17th. There will be a session from 1pm-3pm, and from 4pm-6pm. Please bring a $10 donation to the BGRBA. 

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Rock & Riff & Roll with Ben Wells

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